Wedding gift woes: Ex-boyfriend’s 1140 baht sparks online debate

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A bride was delighted to receive a large red envelope wedding gift from her ex-boyfriend, the content of which totalled 233 yuan. Despite the sum not being substantial, it displayed sincerity, causing some online commenters to be alarmed, suggesting the amount harbours an ominous meaning.

The narrative of inviting former lovers to weddings occasionally provides comedic tales, largely due to the discomfort many feel celebrating their old flames. Moreover, brides and grooms often fear potential complications, leading them to avoid inviting past loves to their milestone events.

However, a woman from Zhejiang province in China offered a tale that raised eyebrows when she shared her own life story on social media. She revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend had a profound love during their university years. However, due to various reasons and issues, they decided to part ways romantically but remained in touch as friends.

She recently organised her wedding ceremony with her current lover and extended an invitation to her ex-boyfriend. Following the wedding day’s festivities, she and her husband sat down to count the received envelopes and gifts. Their eyes were drawn to a large red envelope, which turned out to be a wedding gift from her ex-boyfriend. The envelope bore a large blessing written on it, stating a century of harmony. Upon opening this large red envelope, what she found inside caused her to be even more surprised.

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Her ex-boyfriend had included various banknotes ranging from one to five yuan, totalling 233 yuan (approximately 1,140 baht). She further revealed that her ex-boyfriend had previously married, but she could not attend due to family commitments. Despite the wedding gift’s modest value, it demonstrated his sincerity and good intentions, leaving her feeling very pleased, reported Sanook.

However, once this story was posted and garnered widespread online attention, several commenters agreed on a belief that the number 233 could signify love espionage, suggesting her ex-boyfriend deliberately tried to unsettle or scare the bride with his wedding gift. Simultaneously, a section of netizens tried to reassure the bride, insisting that the number 233 holds no particular significance and is likely personal savings from her ex-boyfriend.

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