Chinese mum’s video indictment of husband’s neglect impacts child’s attitude, sparks online debate

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The everyday behaviours of parents can significantly influence their children‘s developmental thought processes, a fact often overlooked by many. A recent social media buzz in China serves as a stark reminder for parents to take this matter seriously.

The story began when a mum from Shenzhen shared a video on social media about an incident in her family. In the video, she can be seen berating her 10 year old daughter for spending too much time in front of the computer and urging her to come and eat at the dining table. However, her daughter seemed uninterested and ignored her mother’s pleas, continuing with her computer game.

Seeing her daughter’s nonchalance, the mother got increasingly frustrated and repeated her scolding. The tipping point arrived when, instead of being scared or remorseful, the daughter abruptly clicked off her computer mouse and sprinted to her father’s room to escape her mother’s nagging, reported Sanook.

At this point, her father was also sitting in front of a computer. However, as the mother continued to scold her daughter, he remained stoically silent with no comments, reactions or responses, just keeping his focus on his computer work. Meanwhile, the daughter sat hugging her father, claiming, “If mum continues to nag, I will run away from home.” This statement greatly startled the mother.

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Once the video detailing this incident was posted on social media, it shocked many viewers. The stubborn resistance of the young girl even before her mother’s extensive scolding was a surprise.

Moreover, many viewers heavily criticised the father’s apathy. His lack of support or advice, when his daughter refused to listen to her mother, was judged harshly. Furthermore, many believed that a key reason behind the daughter’s disregard for her mother’s instructions could be her seeing her father also dismiss the mother’s words.

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