Bride chains groom’s wrists to make him attend wedding

Photo via Sanook.

A bizarre incident involving a bride and groom caught the attention of a large crowd in Xian, China. The bride, dressed in her wedding gown, was seen attempting to pull a chain wrapped around the bound wrists of her would-be groom, who was lying on the floor, trying to hold onto the chain, and refusing to be dragged away. The couple loudly argued about their wedding issues, drawing the attention of numerous onlookers who eagerly awaited the outcome of the situation.

It appeared that the source of the problem was the sudden escape of the groom from his own wedding day, due to his reluctance to marry the bride. Upon discovering the groom’s disappearance, the shocked bride immediately put on her wedding dress and chased after him. Once she found him, she used the chain to bind his hands, hoping to take him back to the wedding ceremony. As she dragged him along the street, she tried to persuade him to cooperate. Nonetheless, the man continued to resist, resulting in a heated scene under the watchful eyes of the public.

Following the circulation of the video on social media, the incident sparked widespread debate among netizens, with numerous arguments regarding the bride’s actions and her use of a chain to restrain her fleeing fiancé. While some defended the bride, citing the groom’s decision to “turn his back” on their wedding day, others opined that her use of a chain to bind his wrists was excessively violent, regardless of the circumstances.

With public opinion divided, the resolution of the situation remains to be seen. Their wedding day will undoubtedly be remembered by all who witnessed the dramatic scene.

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