British and Thai armies train in jungle together

Thai Army

The UK announced in a press release yesterday that 120 of its military’s Grenadier Guards are training in the jungle with Thailand’s army. The UK Defence Minister visited Thailand this week and met with Thailand’s deputy defence minister. The Minister signed the first Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries, to continue building defence cooperation between the countries’ militaries.

The two armies trained in jungle warfare tactics together, and exchanged skills and experience, mainly navigation and survival tactics. They also practiced the popular Thai boxing tradition of Muay Thai. The UK stated that the new MoU will strengthen its relationship with Thailand. It said there will be chances for more joint training, as well as “regular bilateral talks”.

The training is part of a UK government document written in 2021, which outlines the importance of the Indo-Pacific for the UK’s security interests. The document emphasises the need to improve the Armed Forces’ ability to operate in harsh environment around the world. Baroness Goldie further discussed the need for more UK-Thailand joint training. She said the environment the troops trained in this week will benefit them.

“…building their skills and capabilities in a harsh jungle environment”.

Another UK military official said the training was a good opportunity for the UK military to learn about Asian culture.

The joint training is being called Exercise PANTHER GOLD 21. The location of the jungle where the troops trained was not mentioned.

SOURCE: UK Government

Tara Abhasakun

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