BREAKING NEWS! Iran potentially triggers World War 3

Iran launch drone attack on Israel and Jordan declares state of emergency

Iran has deployed drones heading for Israel, according to a statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), in what could be claimed as an act of retaliation, but risks triggering WW3.

The move by Iran follows its pledge to retaliate for an assault on its consulate in Syria on the 1st of April, an attack it attributes to Israel, which resulted in the death of several Iranian commanders.

The IDF revealed that the journey for the drones could take several hours, covering a distance of approximately 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometres).

Officials have confirmed that Israeli forces are on high alert and are “monitoring all targets” in anticipation of potential threats.

This announcement came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel had activated its “defensive systems” in response to the threats.

What Israel know about the situation so far

🚨DRONE LAUNCH IRAN – Multiple sources state from US officials, “dozens of suicide drone launches from Iran headed towards Israel”. 50-100+ drones depending on report. IDF confirms.

Continued launching – maybe more.

🚨DRONE LAUNCH YEMEN – Unofficial at the moment.

⚠️ TIMING from Iran – Early morning

Hypersonic Cruise missile – 10 minutes
Cruise missile – < 1 hour
Ballistic missile – 4 hours
Suicide Drone/UAV – 6-9+ hours

The different types will be launched to arrive together.

On the way, they have to pass at least 4 defence systems, starting with warships, Patriot systems stationed in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and American bases in the Middle East, Israeli defence systems and Israeli fighter jets.

BUT, expect to hear about additional launches from Syria and Yemen, and Lebanon.

⚠️EL AL THAILAND FIGHTS – returning to Thailand due to Jordan airspace closure.

⚠️GPS JAMMING – expect nationwide GPS jamming immediately.

⚠️AIRSPACE YEMEN – closed.

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