Boris Johnson resigns as MP after tumultuous political career

Boris Johnson’s fall from power in the UK was as dramatic and controversial as his rise. The former prime minister, whose career was defined by surviving scandal, stepped down as an MP after a series of controversies. Despite this, Johnson left the possibility of a return to politics open for his allies. Born in New York in 1964, Johnson’s political career has been marked by numerous controversies, including offensive remarks in newspaper columns and his role in the Brexit campaign. Despite these setbacks, Johnson has remained a prominent figure in UK politics, with many speculating on his potential return to power.

Johnson’s political career began as a journalist, where he gained a reputation for writing articles that questioned and ridiculed European laws and directives. His time as a Brussels correspondent for The Daily Telegraph helped to revitalise the cause of euroscepticism in the UK. Johnson later entered politics as an MP and served as London mayor, foreign secretary, and eventually prime minister.

Throughout his time in politics, Johnson has been known for his charismatic persona and ability to win over voters. However, his leadership has also been marred by a series of controversies and scandals, including his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the so

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