12 Burmese migrant workers arrested in Kanchanaburi

PHOTO: Claudia Comaschi/Flickr

12 Burmese migrant workers have been arrested near a border village in the Muang district in western Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province. Police say the group was arrested yesterday for illegal entry.

The group of 5 men and 7 women were arrested by an army patrol from the Lat Ya Task Force around 4pm. The Bangkok Post says the group was hiding in the forest at the time of their arrest. The group says they came from Moulmein, Bago, Myawaddy and Yangon in Myanmar; and had paid 16,000 baht a person to Burmese agents to get jobs in Bangkok.

The group was taken to the Muang police station for further legal proceedings before they are deported.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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