Three injured including two bomb squad officers injured in Songkhla’s bomb blast

Train railway surrounded by green trees. Photo via David Gardiner (

While investigating the scene in Songkhla’s Chana district where a fisherman lost his leg when he stepped on a bomb buried underground, two explosive ordnance disposal personnel at the investigation site sustained serious injuries when another bomb exploded.

They were working near a railway bridge near Ban Na subdistrict under the surveillance of police and soldiers where three militants were killed the day before at a mosque nearby. The location had been sealed off immediately for a thorough investigation, as had the Nam Khem-Bo Ton Sae intersection.

The two officers were identified as Wisit Buasri and Soracha Anuyato, and they have been admitted to a hospital. The bomb was planted along the railway track, which was not far from where a 44 year old villager lost his leg, according to Wangsati Udomdee, assistant chief of Nam Khem village. The villager is recovering well, according to the assistant village chief.

Militants in the Chana district were killed while attempting to break out of a study centre at a mosque Thursday morning. They stormed out of the building and began firing on soldiers, killing them. Police said they were wanted criminals.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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