Monkeys castrated after causing chaos in Songkhla

PHOTO: Siamrath

Monkeys have become so much of a problem in Songkhla that officials have decided to castrate them. The monkeys relied on food from tourists visiting Khao Tang Kuan Hill, also known by some as “Monkey Mountain.” But since there have been no tourists for months, the monkeys have made their way into the city looking for food.

A similar project was undertaken in Phuket at 3 ‘tourist’ sites in 2017 where monkey communities were desexed – some even shunted off to their own tropical island, just offshore from Phuket, where they get regular food sent out to them and are kept away from hassling tourists. The program was very successful.

Food was placed inside cages to lure the pesky southern monkeys and trap them. Then they were sedated with tranquilisers. After they’re castrated, the monkeys are sent back to their habitats. Officials say they plan to castrate 200 monkeys in Songkhla as well as dozens of other monkeys in Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat.

In Songkhla, the monkeys have been digging through garbage and even attacking locals. Just last week, monkeys took over a local home after a Songkhla family went away for the holiday. The monkeys raided the trash bin, scattering the garbage all over the ground. Luckily, the monkeys were unable to enter the house.

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About 3 months ago, 15 monkeys drowned in a province water tank and locals believe it was due to the lack of food and water.

Songkhla started cancelling tours back in February. Since then, locals have been helping out to feed the monkeys. Some local fruit vendors gave the monkeys watermelon and tomatoes. But the monkeys continued to look in the city for food.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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