Large waves wash away Burmese man in Koh Samui

Burmese man was swept out by large waves, photo by Thai PBS.

A recent tragedy in Koh Samui is a reminder of how dangerous large waves can be in Thailand.

Large waves washed away a Burmese man in Koh Samui on Monday. Witnesses said the man was a migrant worker travelling with two other male friends, and the three appeared to be drunk.

The three men walked to a viewpoint near the sea. This was after authorities had warned people not to go near the sea due to strong winds and large waves.

The witnesses said there was suddenly a cry for help, saying someone had fallen into the sea. Thai PBS reported that the man’s friends tried to help him, but the waves were too strong.

Shortly after the incident, the two friends left the scene on their motorcycles, with no one knowing why.

Officials planned to search for the man’s body, although they were unable to search immediately due to the strong waves.

There have been a few tragic incidents of people dying from being swept out to sea by strong waves in Thailand’s seaside areas.

In September last year, two tourists were swept out to sea while kayaking in the eastern Rayong province. One of the men drowned and the other clung to his friend’s body all night in the open sea until he was rescued by a passing fishing boat.

In June last year, a man in Phuket’s Thalang district died after being swept out to sea when he went fishing near a beach. Rescuers found the man’s body between several giant rocks near Banana Beach.

When a huge wave swept the man into the sea, his girlfriend grabbed his hand, but the waves pulled him away and he disappeared into the water. Rescue divers arrived to find the man’s girlfriend crying on the rocks. The rescuers found the man’s body the next morning between several rocks, 300 metres away from where he was last seen.

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