Sea turtle eggs continue to pop up across Phang Nga

Sea turtle eggs on Koh Ra, photo by The Phuket Express.

Nature and animal lovers will delight at the news that sea turtle eggs are continuing to pop up across Thailand’s Phang Nga province.

On Friday, locals came across sea turtle eggs on Das Beach on the island of Koh Ra. The island is located in the Koh Phra-Thong sub-district of the Khura Buri district.

Officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) visited the beach, where they discovered a nest of sea turtle eggs buried under the sand.

Luckily, the site had not been affected by seawater or poor weather. Authorities plan to monitor the nest until the eggs hatch.

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Sea turtles are an endangered species in Thailand, and the discovery of their eggs is an important find. The DMCR has been actively working to protect these creatures, as well as their nesting sites, to ensure turtles’ survival.

Sea turtles play a vital role in maintaining healthy marine ecosystems by helping to balance the food chain. They are also an important part of the tourism industry in Thailand, with visitors coming from all over the world to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitats. The discovery of turtle eggs is a reminder of the importance of protecting turtles and their habitats for generations to come.

In a heartwarming event earlier this week, 165 baby hawksbill sea turtles hatched and ventured into the sea in Phang Nga. The successful hatching of the baby turtles took place at Chong Khao Kad Bay in the Mo Ko Surin National Park, where park officials released them back to their homes in the sea. Photos posted on the park’s Facebook page show a crowd of excited beach-goers snapping photos of the sweet little turtles as they make their way to the sea down a path cleared for them.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, the DMCR said yesterday that the department is continuing to build fences to protect sea turtle eggs in Phang Nga.

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