Villa robbery in Phuket raises safety concerns for foreign family

Image courtesy of The Phuket News

A foreign family, currently residing in Phuket, experienced a shocking robbery of their villa in Chalong, raising serious safety concerns. The audacious theft occurred while the family of four, including two children, were present in the house, and the thief managed to escape with stolen goods worth over 50,000 baht.

The family, of Russian origin, reported the invasive villa robbery to Chalong Police Station on Thursday. The detailed report, given by Ilya P, recounted how an unknown individual had entered the family’s rented villa around 10.20pm the previous night. The intruder spent approximately ten minutes rummaging through the family’s belongings in search of valuables before leaving unnoticed.

The villa’s CCTV system captured the robbery incident. However, due to the date settings on the camera being off, the recording displays an inaccurate date. The stolen items listed in Ilya’s complaint included his passport, credit cards, and Thai driver’s license; a golden ring valued at 5,000 baht; a wallet and a purse totalling 19,000 baht; motorcycle keys; along with 33,700 baht in cash.

Phuket robbery
Image courtesy of The Phuket News

Ilya shared his concern about the impact of the villa robbery on his travel plans later this month. The loss of his documents, particularly his passport, has complicated matters significantly. However, his primary concern is for the safety of his family, who will remain in Phuket during his travels.

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The audacious thief, presumed to be an Asian national, took their time searching the villa, undeterred by the presence of Ilya, his wife, and their two children. This unsettling event has led the family to consider relocating, as his wife and children no longer feel safe in their current home.

Ilya has appealed to the residents of Phuket to contact Phuket Tourist Police or Chalong Police if they stumble upon a discarded Russian passport in his name or have any information relevant to his case, reports The Phuket News.

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