Phuket to hold tsunami evacuation drill tomorrow

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The tourist resort of Phuket will be holding a tsunami evacuation drill tomorrow from 2pm. Warning alerts in five languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian will be available, and 200 assembly points in three districts are prepared.

The Director of Phuket’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, Udomporn Karn, informed the media that Phuket’s yearly tsunami evacuation drill would focus on the warning system, disaster management system, and shelters for affected people. Each step related to emergency and disaster management would be prepared and practiced. The hygiene and facilities inside the shelters would be a focus of the dill too.

Udomporn revealed that the provincial disaster and emergency management centre would alert the fake evacuation to the district centres, and then the sub-district centres. The residents would then be informed and prepared for evacuation. The drill is assuming the situation of a 7.8-magnitude undersea earthquake. The tsunami that hit Phuket in 2004 was 8.9 magnitude.

Some 19 tsunami warning towers would sound two alerts, first, informing people to be prepared, and the second will tell people to evacuate to safe areas.

Phuket City Municipality announced that there were seven high-risk spots, including Saphan Hin Park, Saen Sook Community, Soi Gor Phai Community, Soi Ton Pho Community, Si Sip Hong Community, Phuket Vocational College, and Baan Bang Neaw Municipal School.

Residents living in these places are expected to be moved to the safe area of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization on Surin Road in the Talat Yai district.

The city municipality added the loud noise from the siren might cause alarm and affect transportation in the area.

This drill is being held because of a number of underwater earthquakes near the Nicobar Islands at the beginning of July. The spot is in the Andaman sea about 540 kilometers far from Phuket island.

SOURCE: The Government Public Relations Department | Phuket City Municipality

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