Phuket police warn against tampering with immobilisation devices

Picture courtesy of Phuket City Police

The Phuket City Police issued a stern warning against tampering with the immobilisation devices placed on illegally parked vehicles. The caution came into effect yesterday, January 30, after an incident in Phuket City made the rounds on local social media platforms.

A video circulating online showed a foreign tourist using a brick to unlock a chain fastened to the wheel of his motorcycle. The motorbike had been parked violating local regulations, leading to the authorities immobilising it. The video sparked a wave of criticism among locals, who condemned the tourist’s actions.

According to Phuket City Police, the incident took place around 5.30pm on January 23. The exact location of the event, however, was not disclosed. An observant citizen reported the tourist’s behaviour to the police. Unfortunately, traffic police officers were preoccupied with managing rush hour traffic at that time, as per the issued notice, reported The Phuket News.

The tourist was later traced by traffic police and instructed to present himself at the Phuket City Police Station on January 24. He was subsequently fined for his infringements and the matter was resolved. The tourist expressed remorse for his actions and assured the authorities he would not repeat such behaviour.

With this incident serving as a reminder, the Phuket City Police urged all motorists to adhere to traffic laws and parking rules. Failure to do so could result in fines. This incident coincides with an ongoing campaign by traffic police in key areas of the island, including Phuket Town and Patong, against illegal parking.

In related news, Patong Police initiated a crackdown on vehicles flouting parking regulations in Phuket’s most bustling tourist locale.

The campaign kicked off on Friday, January 19, at 9am, when officers began issuing penalties to vehicles improperly parked on Ratchapathanusorn Road. Interestingly, this is the same street that houses the Patong Municipality offices.

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