Aeromexico flight passenger stands on plane wing in response to delay (video)

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A frustrated passenger onboard a delayed Aeromexico flight AM 0672 bound for Guatemala City took matters into his own hands.

Stranded for hours on the tarmac without air conditioning or water, the unnamed passenger decided he had had enough. In an act of defiance, he unlocked the emergency door and strolled onto the plane’s wing.

Mexican International Airport officials confirmed that while no harm was done, the audacious passenger was promptly handed over to the authorities. The incident unfolded last Thursday, January 25 around 11.30am, three hours after the scheduled take-off.

The disruption was attributed to a maintenance issue, forcing a plane change, an incident report disclosed. The unnamed passenger’s unilateral decision escalated the situation, leaving the airport in chaos, reported BBC News.

While the airport authorities remain tight-lipped about the man’s current status and potential charges, a joint statement by irate passengers tells a different story. In a handwritten note circulating on social media, they assert that the man’s impromptu intervention was a heroic act.

“All passengers on the flight from CDMX [Mexico City] to Guatemala [flight] AM 0672 state that the passenger who opened the emergency window did so for the protection of everyone. He saved our lives.”

In related news, a shocking “Snakes on a Plane” incident unfolded on a domestic flight when a slithery serpent was discovered zigzagging over the head of a passenger. A TikTok user, @wannabnailssalon, uploaded a series of three clips detailing the event, causing a stir among netizens.

The incident occurred on January 13 when the TikTok user was returning from Bangkok to Phuket. As the plane was landing, the captain instructed all passengers to remain seated. Suddenly, a neighbouring passenger alerted her about a snake wriggling above her head, creating a wave of panic.

In other news, a Thai Airways captain faced criticism over a decision to divert a Bangkok-Melbourne flight to Sydney due to poor visibility, sparking online debate.

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