Phuket governor inspects Laem Nga beach reclaiming plans for public use

Sophon Suwannarat, the Governor of Phuket, undertook an inspection of Laem Nga Beach, situated at Koh Siray’s northern end yesterday. The primary objective was to evaluate plans for reclaiming the beach for public use.

Last Thursday, local villagers assembled at the site to oppose the beach access’s closure by a private landowner. The protest sparked immediate action from officials who began to investigate claims to the land. A public road had been constructed on this disputed land to provide beach access.

During the governor’s inspection yesterday, March 10, plans to install lighting and organise waste management on the beach were reviewed. Saransak Srikruenaet, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA), accompanied the governor, as did several officials from Ratsada Municipality and other local government offices.

“We inspected Laem Nga today and conversed with the landowner, who has generously granted public access to the beach.”

Governor Sophon further added that the Phuket Provincial Office and associated agencies need to ensure safety and manage waste effectively.

Governor Sophon also discussed the assignment of the Mueang Phuket District Chief and Ratsada Mayor to arrange security personnel and set up waste bins and lighting at the entrance.

Pho Thong buses

“We are considering deploying two Pho Thong buses for tourists travelling to the Laem Nga area. This will be more convenient as the road space is narrow and there is no parking.”

Governor Sophon also urged people to avoid setting up sunbeds, umbrellas, or any sales outlets on the beach.

“We want it to remain a natural beach for both the people of Phuket and tourists to truly experience nature.”

Governor Sophon expressed his gratitude to the area’s owner for opening a pathway to the beach, boosting tourism to the area. He noted that many tourists used to visit the beach before the Covid-19 pandemic, and now they’ll have the opportunity to return.

A Big Cleaning Day at Laem Nga is scheduled, which will include tree pruning to ensure public safety, said Sophon. He also appealed to residents and tourists visiting Laem Nga to adhere to Ratsada Municipality’s guidelines, such as littering prohibitions and restrictions on setting up shops or sunbed and beach umbrella services.

Governor Sophon emphasised that people must strictly observe these rules so that many can come to fish and play in the water.

“Your children and grandchildren will be able to come to play in the water because Laem Nga is a beach for everyone.”

During the governor’s visit to the beach yesterday, residents were seen enjoying the first day of the beach’s reclamation. Sophon also participated in a swift cleanup by picking up trash that had washed ashore.

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