Phuket fishing boats pass inspections, no illegal activity found, officials say

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Recent inspections of fishing boats operating in Phuket waters have shown no signs of illegal activities, such as human trafficking or compromised working conditions, according to officials. The random inspections were conducted on five boats and aimed to ensure workers’ rights were being upheld, with checks on employment and working conditions, valid working permits, and wages being paid in the appropriate manner.

The chief of Phuket Provincial Labour and Welfare Office, Thanapong Orachon, stated, “Apart from protecting the workers in the local fishing industry, the mission also aims to build trust within the international fishing industry to enable Thailand to be promoted to Tier 1 in the ranks.”

Officials also checked for any signs of illegal fishing activities that could contravene fishing laws. Sittipon Muangsong, the chief of the Phuket Provincial Fishery Office, emphasised the importance of the inspections in protecting against any form of illegal activities that would fall foul of fishing laws.

The team carried out checks on the boats to ensure no prohibited tools or machinery was being used while making sure all boats were operating under legal and valid permits. Sittipon explained that anyone found guilty of breaking any laws would face strict and immediate punishment, reported Phuket News.

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However, he confirmed that all of the five boats randomly inspected adhered to all rules, including employee conditions and rights, and that no worker was under the minimum legal age of 18.

Recently, Phuket authorities have imposed a ban on boats shorter than 10 meters until Saturday, due to severe weather conditions. In light of recent boat accidents in Phuket, the safety of residents and tourists has been given the utmost priority. As a result, all boat operators are required to adhere to the strict guidelines introduced to ensure their safety.

In other news, a foreign individual sustained injuries from a boat propeller in Phuket and was promptly rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Read more HERE.

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