Myanmar man tasered after threatening Thai police following crash

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A Myanmar national, following a motorcycle collision on the Bang Tao Beach Road, threatened police officers with a knife, leading to the use of a taser to subdue him, according to Cherng Talay Police Chief, Police Colonel Weeraphong Rakkhito.

The incident unfolded at midday on Tuesday, April 23, when two motorcycles collided. The Myanmar man, who remains unnamed in police reports, left the accident scene, prompting a chase by traffic police. The man abandoned his motorcycle in front of a workers’ camp located in Soi Bang Tao 12, approximately 500 metres from the collision spot, and fled into the camp, reported The Phuket News.

Upon entering the camp, the police officers were threatened with a long knife by the man. Despite several attempts to pacify him and convince him to surrender the knife, the man, who appeared incoherent and possibly intoxicated, continued with his threats, Pol. Col. Weeraphong said.

“We had to call for backup. Even with five to six officers present, the man remained defiant.”

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Following a 30-minute standoff, officers managed to get close enough to the man to deploy a taser, successfully subduing him. He was subsequently taken to the Cherng Talay Police Station to face charges, Pol. Col. Weeraphong said.

“The man posed a danger to society. He tested positive for alcohol, above the legal limit. I ordered a urine test to detect any additional drug usage.”

Pol. Col. Weeraphong further stated that the legal process has been completed.

“Cherng Talay Police officers followed standard operating procedure in police tactics as set out by the Royal Thai Police.”

In related news, an intoxicated man was arrested after entering a hospital with a knife and causing a commotion before dozing off in a patient observation room.

The incident occurred around 1.30am yesterday at the Chularat 11 Hospital in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao. Police and rescue workers promptly responded, subduing the situation and detaining the 31 year old man.

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