Dog kills its owner’s sister in Phuket

A woman was found dead with bite marks on her neck at her home in Phuket in southern Thailand this morning. She was taking care of her brother’s two Thai ridgeback dogs while he was away on a business trip to Bangkok. One of the dogs had traces of blood on its mouth and fur.

Police found 38 year old Sarinrat Laongpanichakul’s body on the balcony of her home with multiple bite marks on the left side of her neck. The suspected culprit is a 1 year old Thai ridgeback belonging to her brother, who has raised it for 5 months so far.

Sarinrat lived with her three siblings in the house in Thalang district, who were all away in Bangkok together on a business trip when the incident happened. The woman’s siblings think that because Sarinrat suffered from muscle weakness and difficulty walking, she may have accidentally fallen down on top of the dog while feeding it, shocking it so much that it bit her to death.

The neighbours said they heard a cry from the detached house between 6am and 7am this morning, but no one dared check in fear of the dogs.

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Forensic doctor Athit Suravisankul from Vachira Phuket Hospital said Sarinrat suffered 2 – 3 wounds on the left side of her neck.

The family’s surveillance camera footage is being reviewed to see if it can confirm any details of the incident.



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