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PHOTO: Volunteers wanted by the Phuket Tourist Police. (via Phuket Tourist Police)

For all the armchair activists and online commenters saying the police should take more action, now is your chance to help. The Phuket Tourist Police are looking for a few good men and women. They have announced that they are seeking foreign volunteers to assist with law enforcement on the island.

But don’t delay – the last day to submit your application to be part of the Phuket Tourist Police is tomorrow.

In order to be eligible for the volunteer programme, applicants must be over 20 years of age, have a home or residence in Phuket, and be in Thailand legally and legitimately – no overstayers or people abusing the wrong visa to stay in the country. That means holding a long-term visa is necessary.

Applicants must also be willing to undergo a criminal record check and demonstrate that they are actively involved in the local community. They also must be willing and able to undertake a variety of tasks that were unnamed in the recruitment ad.

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While the Phuket Tourist Police are actively recruiting foreigners to help police other foreigners on the island, they have not specified the precise nature of the tasks involved. They have also not been clear about what the working hours and schedule will be, though applicants can expect to work on weekends and outside of standard office hours, unlike Immigration Bureau volunteers.

Additionally, it remains unclear whether volunteers will be expected to cover any expenses themselves, such as transportation and purchasing a uniform.

Before being transferred out of Phuket, the former Patong Police Chief Col Anotai Jindamanee stressed that one of the biggest things police need help with is communication in foreign languages. Tourist Police volunteers from around the world can speak a variety of languages natively, which will drastically help in interactions with foreigners.

“Definitely, foreign language ability is required in their own language. They need to be able to communicate in English as the international language. Other skills of foreign applicants include a fair ability to speak Thai. The level of Thai language needs only to be basic so that Thais can understand them. There is no need to be an ‘excellent’ Thai speaker. It is just for communicating with Thai police officers and local people.”

Those interested in volunteering can call the officers directly on 076223891 or 0934965159, or visit the Phuket Tourist Police office between 8.30am and 4.30pm. The application form for foreigners can be found online as well.

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