British citizens fined 6,000 baht each for illegal ‘party’ in Phuket

An unedited video circulating, showing Phuket police raiding an illegal gathering in Cherngtalay, ended up with 2 UK citizens, working in Phuket, being fined 6,000 baht each. The Cherngtalay police are also calling on another 4 foreigners attending the party to present themselves to the police station to be charged as well.

Cherngtalay Police descended on the property around 5pm on Sunday following a tip-off from residents in the same street.

The video shows the police at the front gate of the property demanding entry… “Open, open, open the door… now!” The people inside the gate shouted back “no party”. The policeman leading the raid was Capt Prasan Ketsaro. Despite a number of other foreigners, and Thais, at the gathering, only the 2 British people attending the event were fined after being taken to the station.

British citizens fined 6,000 baht each for illegal 'party' in Phuket | News by ThaigerThey were officially charged with “acting against the Communicable Diseases Act, BE 2558 and the Phuket Provincial Order #2284/2564 Section 5,” according to the police report.

At the end of April the Phuket governor made an announcement, tightening restrictions for the island province.

“For social activities, all people must refrain gathering for celebration, such as birthday parties, welcome or farewell parties, or others, except traditional events, such as funerals, weddings, or ordination.”

At the time the vice governor of Phuket said that foreigners breaking the rule could also be subject to being deported. Foreign consular officials were also invited to the provincial offices with Governor asking them to ensure the citizens they represented would abide by the current rules and restrictions.

The video of what appears to be an afternoon soirée, complete with alcoholic drinks and a barbecue, was deemed by the attending police to be in clear contravention of the current restrictions, a point that the lead police officer, doing all the talking, kept making as he beckoned everyone inside the house to come out.

“Everybody, outside. Come one, come on, outside!”

None of the foreigners were wearing face masks in the early phases of the video although the Thai people inside the property either were, or were quick to put them on as the cameras were rolling.

The police kept berating and accusing the people inside the property… “you come for party”. They pointed to a pile of iced drinks on the verandah of the property (which contained wine, beer and other beverages)… “what is this, what is this?”

Any conversation was a bit one-sided with the Captain doing most of the talking whilst the owners of the property, and their guests, were at least trying to explain their situation.

The accusations were flying thick and fast “Why party?! You party!”

The foreigners insisted it wasn’t a party and were trying to reason with the police about the intentions of the afternoon’s gathering but the police had already made up their mind.

The lead police told the accused that they could take photos of the ‘raid’. The Thaiger has decided not to air the video but have shared some edited screenshots.

British citizens fined 6,000 baht each for illegal 'party' in Phuket | News by ThaigerBritish citizens fined 6,000 baht each for illegal 'party' in Phuket | News by ThaigerBritish citizens fined 6,000 baht each for illegal 'party' in Phuket | News by Thaiger

A lot of the social media commentary about the incident has focussed on whether the gathering was a “party” or not and accusations that the attending police were just after some tea money.

“The high crimes and misdemeanours of having drinks and a BBQ in your garden “

“What party? Even the mosque in Bang Tao is packed everyday, local Thai restaurants are packed – this it outrageous.”

“Pretty strange…. a good way to make money.”

“What a country this place is turning into.”

“The video is on all the Thai news site… and it not look like a party at all.”

The names of the people involved in the raid have been published in other media.

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Tim Newton

Tim Newton has lived in Thailand since 2011. An Australian, he has worked in the media, principally radio and TV, for 42 years. He has won the Deutsche Welle Award for best radio talk program (public radio Australia), presented over 11,000 radio news bulletins, 3,950 in Thailand alone, hosted 1050 daily TV news programs and produced 2,100 videos, TV commercials and documentaries. He also reported for CNN, Deutsche Welle TV, CBC, Australia's ABC TV and Australian radio during the 2018 Cave Rescue and other major stories in Thailand.


  1. Keep this as a warning to all foreign tourists before they think about making holidays in LOScam. Looks like this country is full of xenophobe, paranoid stupid snitches. Surely a place to avoid to visit.

  2. This won’t go through but still… The way you report Thai police officer words is at best demeaning as it obviously highlights his limited mastery of the language… Go in any “Western” country and hope for police showing up to your place to speak anything else than the language of the country! ROFL, just imagining French police showing up!!! So maybe instead of covert disdain you show, you could rather appreciate the effort! Farang mind, so entitled it becomes ludicrous!

  3. It would have more justification if just one Thai was fined B6000.
    It Would have been a Thai girlfriend and the ferang would have paid it anyway.
    But no, they came after the ferangs . . .
    Any potential tourists wanting to holiday in Phuket, take note of who you will be dealing with.

  4. We are foreigners here and therefore guests. As such it is a good idea to respect the local laws and especially at this time. If we don’t like it we should leave and enjoy our freedoms elsewhere. However, we as foreigners also need to be respected for what we bring to the table and many are helping Thai people that are very much in need… that seems to be largely forgotten or ignored by the higher powers. We are all in this together and we should not forget that. It’s the greatest challenge faced by the world since the great wars. We have to work together. Interesting as to why two Brits had been singled out and not the others at that time. Also a good idea to make your neighbours your friends… or at least make sure they are invited to the party.

    1. Yes Sam I agree. But it’s one rule for Thais and one rule for foreigners. That’s how it works in Thailand. Tell your friends back home who are thinking of spending money coming to Thailand on holiday. Hopefully they will go elsewhere.

  5. While it was certainly a party and the police had every right to investigate. I agree with Toby, why were only the two brits fined? Shouldn’t everyone in attendance get a fine? The equal application of laws that is one of the critical but often overlooked building blocks to break free of the middle income trap.

  6. @Naina Staroverova – the thai police deserve nothing less than contempt. they are an embarrassment to the good people of thailand. theres so many things wrong about this story…. reality is it was scum in uniform searching tea money. those who defend them are rediculous.

  7. @Diego –
    Not if by obtaining a warrant defeats the arresting or obtaining evidence when an alleged crime is being committed.
    Note alleged crime as it is not a proven crime until the person(s) admits guilt and pays a fine or is convicted in a court.

  8. I’m a bit confused after the events of the last days.
    I’m sitting here outside my house on our terrace with my wife (both dirty farang) . We listen to music and have refreshments on our table. Non – alcoholic but still refreshments. We are not wearing masks!! From what I know we should be safe and not in danger to get arrested and fined (same household , just two people). But who knows…
    But and that’s a big but: I’m waiting for a Lazada driver and I know the guy but he is not family. So if I offer him a refreshment . Is that when the party starts? If the music is still on If I turn the music party? Which is the law for the moment as it changes every three hours or so and the interpretation depends on where you are from?
    Beware: Comments of this member may contain sarcasm, irony and cynism.

  9. I met with my solicitor today, she reckons firstly the police have broken the law without any warrant, she has seen the youtube and on top of that confirms that no laws were in place at the time that allowed such action by the police. Where was their permission to film the episode and break privacy by releasing?

  10. @stu – The fact that Thai police has flaws is not what I’m highliting. The tone of the article is demeaning and I’m saying that as someone who worked in journalism field. Pointing out their limited English language mastery is out of topic in this paper and leaves a slightly nauseating impression. Personally, Thai police was always kind, respectful and helpful to me…in the past 12 years. Maybe I’m lucky, maybe I’m myself respectful, maybe I follow rules when it’s requested and benefits the whole community. You pick

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