AMLO seizes ‘Phoenix’, plans to sell by auction

The Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) has seized the ‘Phoenix’ which will now be sold by auction.

The Thai Immigration Bureau Chief, Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn, has already confirmed that many aspects of the ‘Phoenix’ design and operation were substandard.

The issues which made Phoenix illegal and substandard are mostly fixable, including proper marine-grade glass, marine-grade propulsion, proper bulkhead doors, ballasting and approved safety equipment.

Read more the investigation into the vessel’s design HERE.

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Phoenix sank on July 5 this year causing the growing death of 47 mostly Chinese tourists and children. The impact of the disaster, and the handling of the investigation, has caused a drop in Chinese tourist numbers to Phuket and the Kingdom in the last half of 2018.

Royal Thai Police Deputy Chief Gen Rungroj Sangkram says, “The AMLO has now seized the vessel. They have been planning what to do with the boat. They are also planning to sell the boat by auction and use the proceeds to pay for the ongoing investigation and litigation.”

“The boat cannot be kept at the shipyard for long time as it will deteriorate. The cost of yard space at the shipyard is also high.”

“Officials who were involved in the plans, and approved the boat’s registration, will face legal action.”

AMLO seizes ‘Phoenix’, plans to sell by auction | News by Thaiger AMLO seizes ‘Phoenix’, plans to sell by auction | News by Thaiger

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