Wild boar creates chaos in Pattaya, still on the loose

Photo via The Pattaya News.

A wild boar created chaos in Pattaya yesterday, attracting widespread attention on social media. The massive animal, estimated to weigh between 200-300 kilograms, was spotted roaming around the city at 7.30pm on February 7. The beast was also seen swaggering around Big C Extra in central Pattaya as if it owned the joint.

Despite the best efforts of Sawang Boriboon rescue workers, who were called to the scene after the boar broke some plants in a residential area, the animal proved to be too much of a challenge.

The rescuers fired five tranquiliser darts at the boar but to no avail. The wild beast refused to go down, leaving the rescuers stunned, The Pattaya News reported. The boar is believed to still be on the loose in Pattaya, but is reportedly peaceful and not showing any fear of people.

Rescuers believe the animal may have been someone’s pet that had gone missing. Rescue workers are now trying to safely relocate it out of the city.

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In the meantime, the escapades of the wild boar have captured the attention of the public and are the talk of the town in Pattaya.

Wild boars in Thailand are known as a nuisance in Thailand. They are known to cause damage to crops, gardens, and property. Some Thais hunt wild boars for their meat and tusks.

Some wild boars have violently attacked humans. In November last year, a 68 year old man was savaged to death by his pet wild boar. The boar was later shot dead by the victim’s neighbour after the beast tried to carry out another attack.

A neighbour notified police that the victim, Amnuay Suriwong, was attacked by the wild boar in the Ang Thong sub-district of Kampaengphet province. Amnuay was already dead when officers arrived. He was found with two big wounds on his legs on a bamboo bench in front of his house.

The pet ran away after the attack while Amnuay asked for help from neighbours. Unfortunately, Amnuay could not make his way to the hospital. Neighbours then tracked down the wild boar and shot it dead.

Wild boars were once on the protected wildlife list but their name was taken off the list to allow local farmers to raise and sell the animal’s meat because wild boar meat is popular among Thai people.

Wild boars are common in Thailand and are found throughout the country in both rural and urban areas. They are omnivores and feed on a wide range of foods, including roots, fruits, insects, small mammals and reptiles.

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