RTN officers sail in to save the day after baht bus-bike bust-up

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Four Royal Thai Navy (RTN) officers from the Special Affairs Unit of the Sattahip Naval Base rushed to aid the victims of a collision between a motorcyclist and a baht bus in Chon Buri. The officers, who were on a routine patrol near a local fresh market, sprang into action to assist a 48 year old Thai man who was trapped in the middle of the road.

The incident, which took place at 3pm on April 30, saw the motorcyclist collide directly into the rear of a baht bus, leaving him immobilized under the scorching sun. This unfortunate event quickly spread on social media, attracting considerable attention.

Without a second thought, the officers, both men and women, raced to the scene. Their immediate response was to shield the injured man from the harsh sun. An umbrella was procured from a nearby store, providing much-needed shade. They also used a portable fan to help lower the man’s body temperature, a crucial step in preventing heatstroke.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Prapaphon Samphawaphon, one of the officers, swiftly dialled the Sawang Rojathantham Sattahip Foundation rescue team. As the call for help was initiated, the other officers managed the traffic situation, ensuring there were no additional accidents in the vicinity, reported Pattaya News.

The officers’ commitment to the injured man’s wellbeing didn’t end there. They stayed by his side, offering comfort and assurance until the rescue team arrived. They braved the sun, tirelessly tending to the man for over half an hour, as reported by onlookers.

The entire episode was captured on video and subsequently shared on social media platforms. The display of compassion and dedication by these officers won the hearts of many netizens, who showered them with praise and admiration. Their swift and selfless actions under extraordinary circumstances serve as a reminder of the humanity that exists even in the most challenging situations.

RTN officers sail in to save the day after baht bus-bike bust-up | News by Thaiger

Picture courtesy of Daily News

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