Tragedy strikes: Motorcyclist loses life in horrific accident in Pattaya

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A motorcyclist lost his life in a tragic accident after speeding around a construction barrier and colliding with a commuter van in Pattaya. The 33 year old, Saroj Saela, suffered a fatal outcome at the scene of the crash, which transpired on Thepprasit Road at Soi 11 on Thursday, April 27. Kriengkai Chusrichan, the 41 year old driver of the Toyota Commuter van involved in the incident, reported that construction work had narrowed down Thepprasit Road with barriers obstructing some of its lanes.

Saroj rode his Yamaha Mio 125 GTX around the barrier, which caused him to directly collide with the front of the Toyota van. The impact forced his body to skid about 10 metres along the road. His remains were later transported to Banglamung Hospital, where they would be collected by his grieving relatives.

The ongoing construction on the road has created hazardous conditions for motorists, who should always exercise caution when faced with such barriers. Vehicles, especially motorbikes, should reduce their speed to safely navigate through the constricted lanes. Additionally, it is essential to remain vigilant for any oncoming traffic that might be obscured by the obstructions.

Sadly, fatalities resulting from traffic accidents are not uncommon in Thailand. The country has one of the highest traffic-related death tolls in the world, and motorcyclists comprise a significant percentage of these casualties. In many cases, the motorcyclists involved are often found to be speeding, not wearing helmets, or disregarding traffic regulations.

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The incident on Thepprasit Road acts as a grim reminder for everyone traversing Thailand’s busy streets: safety on the road is paramount, and cautious driving could mean the difference between life and death. With ongoing efforts to improve road safety measures and public understanding of the risks associated, it is hoped that the number of unfortunate accidents like this can be reduced, resulting in safer roads for everyone.

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