Siblings arrested on 3.5 million baht theft in Chon Buri


The woman victim of a 3.5 million baht robbery outside a bank in Chon Buri has been arrested and charged in connection with the case.

Police have charged the woman, Prapaporn Boonmesanom, with planning the robbery with her delivery driver brother because she has huge debts.

The 29 year old Prapaporn is the finance officer of a furniture factory in Chon Buri where she is responsible for the salaries of the company’s staff.

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Prapaporn and a male colleague, Kritchaphat Surakun, visited Siam Commercial Bank last Tuesday, September 20, to withdraw about 3.5 million baht to pay the staff’s salaries. She claimed she was robbed by a delivery rider outside of the bank.

Officers from Baan Bueng Police Station questioned Prapaporn and Kritchaphat yesterday. Kritchaphat gave a clear statement and proved himself to be clean. However, the officer still doubted Prapaporn’s version of the robbery but released her as he had no evidence to prove otherwise.

While the officers were questioning the two alleged victims another team was investigating and tracking the delivery rider.

The motorcycle used in the robbery was found abandoned in a forest about three kilometres away from the incident scene.

After checking more security cameras officers found that the robber was picked up by someone in a pickup truck after the robbery. They drove to the forest and dumped the motorcycle there.

The police then tracked the pickup truck to a repair garage. They discovered the owner of the pickup was Prapaporn.

The officers concluded that the delivery rider must be Prapaporn’s 27 year old brother Jatuporn Boonmesanom and issued arrest warrants for the pair.

Prapaporn and Jatuporn were finally arrested in the Samed district in Chon Buri province while trying to escape the police.

Police seized about 3.2 million baht of the missing 3.5 million baht. Police made known they would track the rest of the money and return it to the furniture factory.

According to the police report, Prapaporn received a monthly salary of 30,000 baht. She had many bills and debts to pay, such as car and motorcycle instalment plans, among others.

The siblings were charged under Section 336 of the Criminal Law related to the offence against property: whoever commits theft by snatching shall be punished with imprisonment of up to five years and fined of up to 10,000 baht.

As they used a motorcycle and a pickup to escape, they will face more penalties according to Section 336-2. The two will face imprisonment of up to two years and five months more and a fine of up to 5,000 baht more.

SOURCE: Thairath | MRG Online | Channel 7 | Bangkokbiznews

ORIGINAL STORY: Delivery rider snatches 3.4 million baht from a woman in Chon Buri

An alleged armed mugger in a Grab delivery uniform yesterday snatched about 3.5 million baht from a woman outside a bank in Chon Buri province before fleeing the scene.

The 29 year old victim, Prapaporn Boonmesanom, had just withdrawn the money from the Siam Commercial Bank in Soi Rat Uthit in the Baan Bueng district of Chon Buri when she was mugged.

Prapaporn told officers that she usually visits the bank to withdraw money from the bank on the 5th and 20th day of every month. It is the salary of her company’s staff.

Yesterday, she went to the bank with a colleague, 24 year old Kritchaphat Surakun, and withdrew 3.46 million baht.

Prapaporn put most of the cash into a backpack that Kritchaphat held and put another 40,000 baht in her tote bag.

The couple were just about to climb into a van when the delivery rider opened the car door and created a pretend love triangle row with Kritchaphat.

The rider said…

“You like my wife very much, don’t you?”

Prapaporn shouted at the rider, “I’m single! It’s a misunderstanding!” Kritchaphat also shouted the same thing.

The rider then began punching Kritchaphat and threatened him with a gun. The frightened Kritchaphat then ran away leaving Prapaporn to fend for herself.

The rider grabbed the backpack and dashed to his motorcycle. Prapaporn tried to take the bag back but couldn’t wrestle it from him.

The rider shouted at her, “Do you love him that much?” He then fled.

The Grab rider’s motorcycle didn’t have a registration plate and he wore a helmet to hide his face.

The Deputy Superintendent of Chonburi Provincial Police, Thanawut Jongjira, reported his team would check nearby security cameras and question witnesses.

The investigation continues.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Bangkokbiznews

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