Pattaya Mayor launches landscape improvement at Bali Hai Pier

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Pattaya Mayor Poramese Ngampiches, accompanied by deputy mayors, city council members, and other officials, visited Bali Hai Pier today to initiate a landscape improvement project aimed at enhancing tourism prospects.

The inspection focused on identifying structural issues and assessing the pier’s surrounding areas. Additionally, they reviewed parking zones, advocating for a better organisation to increase available space for both tourists and locals.

The inspection aimed at identifying structural issues and assessing the surrounding areas of the pier. They also reviewed parking zones, urging better organisations to expand available space for tourists and locals alike.

Poramese engaged directly with speedboat operators, instructing them to set up tents and booths and remain there while conducting their businesses. He addressed the inconsistent ticket pricing that had previously damaged the city’s tourism reputation.

In addition to the inconsistent pricing, Pattaya’s speedboat operators are no strangers to fighting over customers. A prior incident on August 26 last year, saw two fights breaking out among the operator within a day. Violent incidents between rival motorbike taxi companies in the area are also a common occurrence.

Bali Hai Pier is a stage for one of Pattaya’s most competitive tourism hubs, with many businesses in fierce competition for tourists looking to catch a boat to Koh Larn. The common fights between business owners could damage the city’s reputation as a renowned tourist destination.

In response, Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkitchakarn directed special affairs officers to patrol the pier on a three-shift schedule to ensure tourist safety.

The inspection included the unused ticketing hall, which the mayor plans to convert into an open seating area for passengers and tourists waiting to travel to Koh Larn. Outside this building, a new parking area for motorcycles will be constructed for better organisation.

Despite the comprehensive review, the abandoned Waterfront Condo project at the foot of the pier, notorious for its legal battles, was not discussed during this visit.

A previous Pattaya Mayor was cleared of legal corruption charges related to the Waterfront project but this was due to the expiration of the statute of limitations rather than a transparent review or legal process, reported the Pattaya News.

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