Pattaya bar owner makes official complaint after foreigner goes kung-fu on front door

An owner of a bar in Pattaya has filed a complaint to police after a drunk Australian smashed a bar’s sliding front door and “urinated over it”. The bar owner requested 170,000 baht as compensation which was later agreed to by the attacker.

Last Saturday, Nattida Ha-im, a 28 year old female owner of a bar in Soi Bua Khao, Pattaya, filed an official complaint to the police. She informed police that a group of “drunk foreigners” smashed the front door of her bar. One foreigner from the group also urinated on the door. She told police that the group “didn’t care about Thai laws” and carried out their assault on the front door of the premises in the clear sight of a security camera.

Nattida explained that her foreign boyfriend had an earlier “conflict” with the group, and the police had sorted out the incident. She thought everything was OK, but the group returned with the intention to damage her bar. Nattida also showed CCTV footage from a security camera for the police, as evidence.

The footage showed that a foreign man kicked at the front door, giving it a “middle finger”, and then returned “peeing on the wrecked door”.

“The foreign group acted like a mafia. Me and my staff were terrified. I wanted the police to track down those foreigners and prosecute them.”

Yesterday, the local media reported that the police had already found the foreigner who was the “door wrecker”. He was an Australian man named Christoper Gavin. Mr. Gavin insisted to the police that he and his friends weren’t gangsters or mafia. He allegedly confessed to police that he attacked the door to take revenge for his friend.

Nattida has requested compensation of 170,000 baht, and Mr. Gavin has agreed to pay. He said he would pay 85,000 baht first and would pay the balance later today.

Both parties were able to agree to the settlement, so the police didn’t issue any charges.

SOURCE: Amarin TV | Khaosod

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