Officials confirm billion baht make-over for Pattaya’s Jomtien beach

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Thailand’s Marine Department has confirmed a 1.1 billion baht project to widen Jomtien beach in Pattaya after years of sand erosion at the tourist favourite. Officials say they plan to widen 7 kilometres of the beach to a width of between 35 and 50 metres in a project that will consist of 2 stages.

The first stage will involve transporting sand from the seabed at nearby Koh Larn, which will be used for around 5.5 kilometres of Jomtien. A report in Nation Thailand says officials are looking at removing around 640,000 cubic metres of sand from the seabed surrounding the island. The project is expected to begin in August, with a completion date of December 15, 2022.

The second phase will see 3 breakwaters and a protective headland installed, with a private firm hired to carry out the work. The Marine Department confirms that a budget of 1.16 billion baht has been allocated to the entire project.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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  • Great! Screw it up the same as Pattaya Beach, cut down shade trees and "enhance" the beach with meters of boring sand. There's good reason Thai families flock to Jomtien rather than Pattaya beach---the latter is sterile and just plain boring.

  • My God, you foreigners do nothing but complain! Why the Thai immigration officials tolerate these ingrates, I have no idea.

  • Steve, he has a good point. I enjoy Jomtien, more than Pattaya Beach, because it's small and not a tourist magnet. I like being able to go to the south end, and just relax, without a bunch of noise or kids running around. I guess, Bangsen will be our new destination, if the country ever opens back up.

  • Because of the money they spend.
    Anyway, renovating 7 kilometres of beach.
    I doubt they are even going to have one kilometre of beach tourists for years to come.
    Waste of money.

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