Naked women on fishing trip ads surrender to police

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The two women featured naked in a sexy fishing trip advert in the Bang Saray sub-district in Chon Buri surrendered themselves to the police. The women said they only did it to gain followers on social media, adding they do not offer sex services or fishing trips.

The two women visited Sattahip Police Station today after their post went viral. They confessed to posting the naked photos on Twitter but insisted that they do not provide sexual services to anyone.

The women said the men featured in the picture were their boyfriends. They said they rented a boat and took pictures using a tripod and decided to upload the post to Twitter to gain more followers.

The women also emphasised that there was no travel or fishing agency involved and that they did not know the owner of the boat.

According to Thairath, the two women were charged under Section 14(4) of the Computer Act: importing pornographic material and information onto the Internet, and that pornography can be accessed by the public. They face a penalty of up to five years in prison, a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both.

A police officer reported he would investigate whether the women had taken part in any similar activities in the past before passing judgement. If found guilty they could face harsher punishment.

There was no report on whether their boyfriends would be prosecuted.

ORIGINAL STORY: Chon Buri locals not hooked on agency’s naked fishing

Fishing enthusiasts were hooked when a Chon Buri agency promoted a naked fishing trip on social media in the Bang Saray sub-district. Residents on the other hand were outraged.

Angry Chon Buri locals are not happy with the unnamed agency shamelessly advertising fishing trips complete with naked women companions on Twitter.

The naked fishing advertisement went viral when it was on Thai social media. It was posted by a Thai Twitter user named Soul Mates, Pattaya, Clean, Good Manner, Friendly (คู่แท้ พัทยา Pattaya สะอาด นิสัยดี กันเอง มิตรภาพ).

The caption said…

“Squid fishing + sucking milk + enjoying seashells for four hours. Only 3,000 baht per person. It includes sashimi and beverages.” Under the caption is a picture of two fishermen and two naked women.

The agency’s Twitter account is awash with fishing trip advertisements alongside naked, sexy pictures of women. Some pictures show the women topless on the beach mixing with locals and tourists while other snaps reveal women fully naked on the boat with the clients.

The former mayor of the Bang Saray sub-district in Chon Buri, Chaiwat “Tum” Inanong, complained about the Twitter post advertising the naked fishing trip. He said …

“Go fishing, but you won’t get any fish or squid. Why is your business so creative? I don’t know who you are but stop doing this kind of business in my hometown. Please send me a message if you have more evidence or know these people. I will file a complaint as soon as possible. Every local makes a living under the rules and laws of Bang Saray Beach.”

Many Thai netizens commented on the post saying the naked fishing trip is unacceptable and damages the good reputation of Bang Saray Beach and Chon Buri.

Chaiwat made it known he is going to file a complaint at Sattahip Police Station today.

According to Thai media reports, the agency and naked women face being charged under the Computer Act, for uploading pornographic material and information onto the Internet. They could face imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both.


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