Drug bust: Chon Buri police arrest two ‘deal’-ightful suspects

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Chon Buri Police apprehended and detained two men suspected of illicit drug dealing in the Banglamung district. The arrest unfolded on Monday afternoon, July 17, after residents tipped off the police about suspicious activities happening in their tranquil community.

An intriguing piece of information shared by an anonymous person hinted at the presence of a Thai man who was allegedly participating in underhand drug deals, paying special focus on young clients. This dubious activity was reported to have been taking place within a house located in Takhian Tia, a sub-district within Banglamung, Chon Buri. Armed with this crucial detail, the police hastily arranged a sting operation to capture this potential threat to their community.

The unexpected police swoop yielded unprecedented results. The 38 year old man, Wicha, was apprehended in his bedroom. A surprising inventory taken during the arrest revealed a total of 1,155 pills of methamphetamine, along with 5.52 grammes of crystal methamphetamine, a digital weighing scale, and a seemingly innocent mobile phone, all seized as evidence. The raid didn’t stop here, though.

Wicha, upon being chemically tested, was found to have drugs in his system and didn’t take long to confess his illicit dealings. He goaded the police further by revealing he procured his supplies from a Thai transgender person, known in the local circles as Boss.

On the strength of this revelation, the Banglamung Police swiftly widened the scope of their operation, now tailing Boss, who also resided in the Takhian Tia sub-district. In a surprise turn of events, their trail led to a 36 year old Thai transgender, Pawinee, more familiarly known to Wicha and other locals as Boss.

As the authorities thoroughly searched Pawinee’s dwellings, they uncovered 389 methamphetamine pills and a further 6.81 grammes of crystal methamphetamine cunningly divided into small packets. These were skilfully stashed within a pillowcase and under the carpet, located strategically behind a refrigerator. The surprises from Pawinee’s room didn’t stop there.

The police found two firearms, over 120 bullets, a duo of bank account books, and another mobile phone that were subsequently confiscated.

Following these significant finds, Wicha and Pawinee were promptly transferred to the Banglamung Police Station, where they awaited further legal proceedings in custody.

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