Chinese man arrested in Pattaya for illegal entry and employment

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A 36 year old Chinese national was apprehended in Pattaya on April 8, following suspicions of illegal entry into Thailand and unauthorised employment as a guide. On the day of his arrest, Ke Pan was located inside a car, with the windows rolled down, appearing noticeably uneasy upon spotting the patrolling police vehicle, which consequently triggered his attempt to abscond.

However, before he could make his escape, the local police intercepted and questioned him about his passport. His inability to present any valid identification led to his immediate escort to the Chon Buri Immigration Office. Despite a thorough investigation of his vehicle, no illicit items were discovered.

Intriguingly, a detailed examination of the immigration records uncovered that Ke Pan was previously prohibited from entering Thailand, dating back to May 18, 2018. This was due to his previous unlawful occupation as a vendor in the country.

In his candid conversation with the police, Ke Pan confessed to having paid a sum of 20,000 baht (US$550) to a human smuggler to facilitate his illegal entry into Thailand. He detailed his journey, starting from China, flying off to Vietnam, and then surreptitiously crossing over into Thailand through an unguarded path in Sa Kaeo.

From there, he travelled to Pattaya via a minivan. His objective, as he admitted, was to learn the Thai language and work as a tour guide in Pattaya for approximately a month, reported The Pattaya News.

The charges levelled against Ke Pan include illegal entry into Thailand and employment without a valid permit. The immigration officers are in the process of arranging his deportation back to China.

In related news, Phuket Tourist Police recently apprehended a 42 year old Russian national for unlawfully working as a tour guide at Pak Phra Beach, located adjacent to the Chong Pak Phra Channel, the body of water separating Phuket from mainland Thailand.

This arrest is part of the ongoing police crackdown on foreigners operating illegally within the country.

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