Taxi turmoil on Pattaya Beach Road: Bangkok driver’s threatening encounter

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In the early hours yesterday, Pattaya City Police received a complaint from a Bangkok taxi driver alleging that he was threatened by an unidentified man he believed to be a Pattaya taxi driver. The incident took place on Pattaya Beach Road, where Chanai Waisuwan was trapped in a traffic jam while heading back to Bangkok after dropping off a passenger at a local hotel.

The 46 year old Bangkok taxi driver recounted that he was moving at a slow pace due to the heavy traffic when the unidentified man opened his taxi door. The man supposedly uttered swore at Chanai.

“You cannot earn money here.”

He then proceeded to hit the taxi window and issued further threats towards Chanai. To document the incident, Chanai swiftly captured images and recorded a video of the man.

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In response to Chanai’s report, the Pattaya City Police swiftly located and apprehended the alleged offender. At the Pattaya City Police Station, the suspect defended his actions by claiming that Chanai’s taxi had been obstructing the road, contributing to the traffic jam.

He expressed his frustration that instead of moving his taxi, Chanai chose to record the incident. The suspect admitted to hitting the taxi window in a fit of anger. However, he insisted he had no intention of physically attacking the taxi driver.

Legal charges

The police have not yet released the name of the suspect, nor have they confirmed whether he is indeed a Pattaya taxi driver as alleged by Chanai. It is also uncertain whether any legal charges will be pursued against the man, reported The Pattaya News.

Pattaya City Police’s Colonel Puttharak Sornkamharn commented on the incident, noting such situations have occurred multiple times in the past.

Pol. Col. Puttharak made known that these incidents tarnished the reputation of Pattaya as a world-class, family-friendly tourist destination.

He pointed out that taxis and buses often contribute to traffic congestion by not parking in designated areas. However, he refrained from drawing any conclusions or making further comments on this specific case.

Despite the unfortunate event, the involved parties as well as the Pattaya City Police remain committed to resolving the issue. They understand the importance of maintaining Pattaya’s reputation and ensuring the safety of its residents and visitors.

“It’s crucial that we address these issues promptly to prevent them from recurring. We must ensure that Pattaya remains a safe and welcoming city for everyone.”

To that end, the Pattaya City Police will continue their investigation into the incident and take appropriate actions as required.

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