Police catch son suspected of committing patricide

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A manhunt has concluded in northeastern Thailand for a man who is suspected of killing his 72 year old father, reportedly over welfare money. The victim’s body was discovered buried behind his home in Buri Ram, yesterday.

Nearby villagers had become concerned after they hadn’t seen Pae Chaleepham in a couple of days. Their concern increased when they saw blood near the house. They also saw a freshly dug hole. Dried coconut branches had been spread over the hole in what looked like an attempt at camouflaging it. The villagers then contacted local police.

Local police, rescue workers, and a doctor dug up the hole. Inside the hole was the dead body of Pae Chaleepham. An examination of the body revealed wounds on his head, face, arms, and torso. Pae’s right ear was nearly cleaved from his skull, police say. Police believe Pae was killed with a machete.

The police further surmise that the body had been in the shallow grave for 2 to 3 days. Blood was found both inside and outside the house.

Family members speculate that Pae was murdered by his son, 41 year old Wichian Chali Pham, who has been missing since Friday. Pae’s niece, 35 year old Piyawan Dokthaisong, says her uncle had been living in the house with his son since Pae’s wife died.

Police catch son suspected of committing patricide | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Paisal Luesomboon/Facebook

Prior to Pae’s disappearance on Friday, Piyawan says she heard him fighting with his son. She says Wichian wanted her father’s welfare card to make purchases but Pae wasn’t having any of it. Thai media reports that Wichian allegedly has a history of assaulting his father.

Police led a manhunt for Wichian and he was arrested earlier today. The son allegedly confessed to murdering his father.

SOURCE: Line Today Chiang Rai Times

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