Thai welder’s good fortune presage triggers trend of attracting harmless bees

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In an intriguing incident in Phayao province, a welder managed to attract a swarm of bees without being stung. It is a folk belief that such an event can presage fortune and good luck for the individual involved. The incident sparked a trend among locals, eager to tempt their fate, as they marvel at these harmless bee swarms.

The welder in question is a native of the Ban Saang sub-district in the Muang district of Phayao province. He was reportedly working on a roofing project inside a local temple when the peculiar interaction took place. After settling for a while, a swarm of bees came flying in and began to hover around him. This has become a daily occurrence and doesn’t bring any harm. As the local folklore suggests, this could mean that the person whom the bees hover around without causing any harm may experience good fortune, reported KhaoSod.

The welder, Daeng, explained that every day while he was working on the temple’s roof, a group of bees came and buzzed around him. Yet, they never troubled or annoyed him. He simply allows them to roam freely until they decide to fly away. Daeng believes that this strange bee behaviour might usher in good fortune for him. He even filmed the extraordinary interaction and shared it on Facebook for his friends and family to see. The villagers, all finding this event utterly fascinating and astonishing, believe that being surrounded by a swarm of bees brings good luck. As such, many have been trying to replicate the event to attract some fortune of their own.

In May, a Thai family asked for emergency services assistance in transferring their deceased father to a temple for a funeral ceremony, amid concerns that noise and lights from the event might disturb a hive of wild bees situated near their residence. The authorities in the Buriram area responded to the request to ensure the safety of the hosts and guests. To read more click HERE.

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