Mother seeks justice after a monk slapped her son

The mother of a 17 year old schoolboy slapped by a monk in a Buddhist ethics camp in the Isaan province of Udon Thani wants justice for the assault. The provincial chief monk says his subordinate’s action did not violate monk rules.

The child’s 33 year old mother, Waranya, is furious with the monk and seeks justice. She urged the Thai media to highlight the assault on her son, a grade 11 student from a school in the Wang Sam Mor district of Udon Thani.

The mother said her child got slapped by a 45 year old monk, Phra Maha Sayan Apipunyo, at an ethics camp at Wat Pa Phu Kho Analayo temple on Friday, September 30. Waranya added that the monk also shouted, “You are lucky to be slapped by me. It’s merit.”

The male student kept the attack a secret until his friend brought up the issue with his friend’s mother.

The student joined 29 other students at a 2-day camp at Wat Pa Phu Kho Analayo temple.

The incident happened on the morning of the last day. He didn’t know what he was punished for and didn’t dare to inform his family. He added that he had a headache after the slap and couldn’t sleep that night.

Waranya told Thai media that her child suffered from health problems and was worried the attack could affect her child’s health.

She added that her child is a good boy, top of the class and always got good grades. Waranya said he did not deserve this punishment.

The monk admitted that he did slap the student and acknowledged this kind of punishment is unacceptable nowadays.

Waranya filed a complaint against the abbot at the Wang Sam Mor Police Station.

Police didn’t charge the monk who agreed to pay 20,000 baht compensation to the student’s family and accept future responsibilities for any health problems the boy may have in the future regarding his action.

The Udon Thani Provincial Chief Monk, Phra Ratchasarn Koson, yesterday said the monk’s behaviour does not relate to the monk’s rules, adding it was a personal issue.

Phra Ratchasarn said the monk slapped the student with the good intention of making the student a better person. He added the action is similar to what parents did to their children in the Thai idiom, “If you love your cow, tie it up. If you love your children, you’ve gotta spank them sometimes.”

The chief monk also urged the parents and people to understand the monk’s good intentions and forgive him.

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