Mor Lam stage collapses during strong winds in northeast Thailand

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A newly installed Mor Lam stage collapsed during strong winds in Bueng Kan province in northeast Thailand yesterday shortly before a concert was set to begin, sending performers and attendees fleeing in all directions.

Strong winds brewed as Mor Lam fans piled in to watch the Rabiab Watasin Mor Lam Group perform a free concert on a huge stage at the Thai Ban TV Co Ltd. in Pak Khat district last night.

Event organisers were completing lighting and sound checks before the show began when a sudden strong gust of wind sent the entire steel structure – along with the lighting and sound systems, speakers, and a large LED screen – crashing to the ground.

Screams erupted as fans and performers, all dressed up and ready to take to the stage, fled in all directions, reports KhaoSod.

Superintendent of Phak Khat Police Station Pol. Col. Siwat Worakuttanon said that he took his subordinates to maintain order at the event when the strong winds came. The superintendent said he instructed Mor Lam fans to shelter inside a nearby building. It looked as if rain was about to fall, but it didn’t fall heavily, he said.

A big tree fell down and rooves of houses were blown off, said the superintendent. The electricity went out too, causing more chaos, he said. The winds blew this way for around 40 minutes and then suddenly stopped.

However, the Mor Lam concert had to be cancelled because due to severe damage to the set and stage. Damages are estimated to amount to millions of baht, said the officer. Fortunately, no one was reported to be injured.

One Mor Lam fan posted videos on Facebook of people fleeing the scene as strong winds muster up clouds of dust and flashes of lightning light up the sky, with the caption…

“Let me use the word “escaping from death,” brothers and sisters. The winds were really strong. More videos of the damage will come soon. Glad that we have waterfall beef salad and spicy soup at home.

“Encouragement for the hosts, the vendors, the big slide and the Mor Lam team who are facing damages amounting to hundreds and thousands of baht. Keep fighting.”

Mor Lam stage collapses during strong winds in northeast Thailand

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