Locals search for missing crocs in northeast Thailand

The crocs found so far, photo by Khao Sod.

Residents of northeast Thailand’s Khon Kaen province are on the hunt for a pair of missing crocodiles in the main city district. The two missing crocs are part of a group of four that went missing from a flood-stricken farm.

A team of locals led by the headman of Nong Tum sub-district found one croc in a paddy field earlier this week. Another croc was then found along a canal yesterday, Bangkok Post reported. The second crocodile found was reported to be over 3 metres long.

Meanwhile, two crocs remain on the loose. Khon Kaen’s governor yesterday warned residents in Nong Tum to be careful, as the search for the next two crocs continues.

This news comes after it was reported last month that Khon Kaen residents were eating crocodiles that escaped during recent floods. This was mainly in the Non Daeng sub-district of Nong Sila district.

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Residents admitted to shooting the crocs and taking them home to share the plentiful meat with their families and neighbours. One resident said a croc provided about four kilograms of meat. A photo showed two locals ready to dig into a croc lying sliced open on a table.

Hopefully, no one in the Nong Tum sub-district will eat the last two missing crocs.

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Tara Abhasakun

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