Ele-fantastic fortune: Thai cactus with trunk-like growth attracts good luck-seeking locals

Photo: by Khaosod.

Residents of Phayao province are flocking to a golden chicken ball cactus, believed to be a good luck charm due to its unusual growth resembling a baby elephant’s trunk. The cactus belongs to 46 year old Phatharaporn, who has experienced an influx of customers and a significant increase in income since the peculiar growth appeared.

The golden chicken ball cactus, usually seen bearing a resemblance to small chickens, started to exhibit an unusual growth pattern that mirrors the head and trunk of a baby elephant.

Phatharaporn, the owner, and many locals believe that this rare phenomenon will bring luck and prosperity to those who witness it. This belief stemmed from the fact that the cactus did not exhibit this characteristic growth when initially rented from an online platform.

News of the peculiar growth spread, attracting numerous locals to witness the spectacle. Some visitors even brought candles inscribed with numbers to light in front of the cactus, hoping to get lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery. The lucky number, 146, was seen on several candles, leading many visitors to consider using it for their lottery tickets.

Phatharaporn, who rented the golden chicken ball cactus for 199 baht from an online website, was informed about the auspicious nature of the cactus by her sister.

Since the arrival of this peculiar cactus, Phatharaporn’s car care business has seen a constant stream of customers and a miraculous increase in revenue. She believes the unusual growth of the cactus has brought good luck.

In related news, residents of Nakhon Ratchasima province believe that witnessing lucky lizards mating inside a house brings a good luck charm, particularly with the lottery.

This belief was sparked by 52 year old Suwong Srinith, who discovered two lizards mating in her house located at 142/1 Moo 1, in Mueang, Phimai, Nakhon Ratchasima.

The event was captured on video, which quickly spread amongst the local community, prompting many to interpret it as a sign of impending fortune. Read more of this story HERE.

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