Thai boy’s cane music tribute to late grandfather strikes a chord on TikTok

A Thai boy’s tribute to his late grandfather captivated many on TikTok. The clip, shared by TikTok user @somchutiya today shows the young lad playing a traditional Thai instrument, the cane, in front of his grandfather’s memorial, alongside a trophy he won in a recent competition.

The young musician is seen kneeling before the bone repository of his beloved grandfather, proudly displaying the royal trophy he won in a recent contest. As he plays the melodious notes of the cane, it’s clear that the performance is not just for his viewers but to share the honour with his late grandfather. Although his grandfather is no longer present to see the young boy’s accomplishments, he is undoubtedly aware of his heartfelt dedication.

The poignant video quickly went viral, attracting a wave of admiration and touching many hearts. The user captioned the video:

“Playing the cane for my granddad and showing him the trophy I won. He would be so proud and entertained.”

In the post, the user also shared the backstory of the young boy’s passion for the cane. He noted that the boy’s father, seeing his interest in the cane from a young age, ordered the instrument and began teaching him how to play. The boy’s grandfather, despite not being able to play the cane himself, loved the sound of the instrument and enjoyed watching his grandson play.

“Granddad loved the sound of the cane, but he didn’t know how to play it. My dad taught me since he noticed my fascination with it when I was a kid. He ordered the cane and learned how to play it from YouTube, just so he could teach me.

“Granddad enjoyed watching me play with the cane. Now that I’ve won a championship, even though he’s not here to see it, I wanted to show him my accolade.”

The heartfelt tribute and the story behind the young boy’s musical journey have struck a chord with many viewers, moving some to tears. The video serves as a touching reminder of the enduring bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, and of the lasting impact of a grandparent’s encouragement and support, reported KhaoSod.

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