Young man crushed by car in Buriram roadside mishap

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Tragedy struck yesterday when a young man suffered severe injuries after being crushed by a car while trying to change a flat tyre. His wife, standing by with their four month old son, recounted the harrowing moments she heard his cries for help.

On the rural road between Nang Rong and Non-Din Daeng in the Buriram province, an otherwise ordinary journey back from delivering second-hand clothes to customers turned into a nightmare for a couple. The incident was reported to the Siam Ruam Jai Pu In Rescue Unit, who immediately dispatched a team to the scene.

Upon arrival at the roadside, rescuers found a white Isuzu pickup truck with a steel frame fitted to its bed. The 18 year old young man, named A, was sitting in the back of the truck, bleeding from his nose, mouth, and ears. His 19 year old wife, referred to as Da, cradled their infant son, providing comfort as they awaited further assistance.

Da explained that the couple was returning from a trip to Aranyaprathet where they had delivered second-hand clothing to customers in Khon Kaen. The return trip was uneventful until they reached the site where the front left tyre suddenly deflated. Her husband then took out the jack to lift the vehicle and prepared to fit the spare tyre, reported KhaoSod.

While the husband was under the vehicle, the jack gave way, causing the truck to collapse onto him. Da, in shock, heard her husband’s cries for help and felt helpless in the situation. Fortunately, the part of the vehicle that fell onto her husband’s face had some clearance, allowing him to wriggle free, although he sustained multiple injuries, including a severe facial wound, before rescue services were alerted.

Rescue workers promptly attended to the young man, stabilizing him and preparing him for transport to the nearest medical facility. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers that can occur in seemingly simple roadside emergencies.

Young man crushed by car in Buriram roadside mishap | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

In a related story, a 57 year old worker was not as fortunate as A. He had been working on the truck after his shift when the unfortunate event took place. The truck, without any support, fell on him, resulting in his immediate death.

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