Woman arrested for illegal online wildlife trade in southern Thailand

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Police apprehended a Thai woman involved in illegal online wildlife trading, seizing 34 rare birds. The suspect admitted to buying the birds from locals and reselling them online for profit.

Arune Wachirasrisukanya, Deputy Commander of the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division (NED), along with Wanpichit Watthanasakmonta, Chief of Police Station 6, and Somphop Trongtokit, Inspector of Police Station 6, collaborated with the Border Patrol Police Company 447 and officials from the Protected Area Regional Office 6.

Officers arrested a 34 year old Thai woman, Suhaina, in possession of several rare bird species, including white-rumped shamas, blue-winged leafbirds, black-naped orioles, green magpies, and yellow-vented bulbuls. The arrest took place along the Yingor-Rueso Road in Maruebo Tok subdistrict, Rangae district, Narathiwat province.

Prior investigations revealed a Facebook account advertising the sale of white-rumped shamas, a protected species listed as number 138, at 4,000 baht each. Additionally, green magpies were being sold for 900 baht each and green doves for 350 baht each. The account had a consistent history of posting wildlife for sale.

Following these findings, authorities conducted surveillance and captured the suspect while she was delivering a white-rumped shama to a customer. Subsequent searches at her residence uncovered 32 protected birds of 13 different species, all confined in cages. These birds were seized as evidence.

In her confession, Suhaina admitted to buying the birds from local villagers before selling them online for a modest profit. She faces charges of possessing protected wildlife without permission. Police have handed her over to the Rangae Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

“I bought these birds from villagers and posted them online to make some profit.”

In related news, police carried out a sting operation in Bueng Kan, aimed at thwarting an illegal wildlife trafficking scheme involving a tiger cub. The sellers were seeking to profit 300,000 baht from the illicit sale.

Police Major General Watcharin Poosit, Commander of the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division (NED), directed officers to apprehend a 34 year old Vietnamese man and his assistant, a 42 year old Thai woman.

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