Wild deer seriously injured in collision with pickup truck in Thailand

Photo via Sanook

A pickup truck collided with a wild deer at full force when it suddenly darted across the road in Rayong province in eastern Thailand yesterday. The deer is seriously injured and the pickup is so damaged that it looks like it collided with another vehicle.

At 6pm, the Pluak Daeng Rescue Service were informed that a wild deer was seriously injured on the 3574 Ta Sit – Pluak Daeng Road.

The rescue workers found a seriously injured male deer who sustained a cracked open head and a broken leg in the high-impact crash.

Rescue workers coordinated with the Department of National Parks, who sent officials to the scene. The officials carefully hoisted the wild animal onto a stretcher and sent him away for urgent treatment.

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Nearby, a white pickup truck with a Chon Buri registration was parked on the side of the road. The pickup looked as if it had been in a crash with another car, with the front left side of the car destroyed.

A female passenger was injured and taken to hospital but is now safe, reports Sanook.

The 37 year old driver Pichet said that he was driving from the Pluak Daeng district to the Nikhom Pattana district when he spotted a wild deer darting across the road.

At such close range, there was nothing Pichet could do. Seconds later, the deer was lying injured on the road.

Reporters travelled to the scene of the crash, surrounded by a large forest. A local man, 31 year old Kattiyapong, said that he regularly sees wild animals around the area. However, collisions between cars and wild animals are rare, he said.

Nonetheless, motorists driving through animal habitats should be careful at all times, advised Kattiyapong.

Yesterday, an elephant made headlines when it was caught on camera flipping over a truck on a road in Khao-Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary in Chachoengsao province.

Last week, a courageous wild deer survived multiple gunshot wounds by poachers and was relocated to a rescue centre in Hua Hin.

In October, a wild elephant wandered out of Khao Yai National Park and smashed a pickup truck’s windscreen with its tusks.

Wild deer seriously injured in collision with pickup truck in Thailand
Photo via Sanook

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