Village headman shoots villager nine times over grilled beef

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A village headman shot and killed a villager with a 9mm firearm, firing nine consecutive shots at a fish pond in Chiang Mai. The victim’s friends, who were drinking nearby, fled in fear. Police are investigating the motive behind the incident yesterday, June 30.

Police Lieutenant Sittichok Buadang of San Pa Tong Police Station reported that an incident was received yesterday about a fatal shooting in the San Pa Tong district of Chiang Mai. Upon receiving the report, he and his investigative team rushed to the scene, a location with three adjacent fish ponds.

The victim, identified as 52 year old Plian was found lying face down in a pool of blood, wearing trousers and a black T-shirt. The victim had been shot approximately nine times in the torso. Police collected nine 9mm bullet casings from the scene as evidence.

The perpetrator, identified as Kriengkrai, a local village headman, turned himself in to the police and confessed to the crime. He also handed over the firearm used in the shooting.

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A close friend of the victim present during the incident, 62 year old Sanun, provided more details. Before the shooting, the fish pond owner had closed the pond and ordered grilled beef to honour the local spirits, a common belief among the villagers.

Kriengkrai, the village headman, arrived at the pond and encountered the victim, who was drinking alcohol. The two did not converse. The pond owner then gave Kriengkrai a portion of the grilled beef to take home.

Motive unclear

Sanun continued, stating that Kriengkrai returned to the gathering at the pond shortly after. Without sitting down, he approached the victim and asked, ‘Do you want it?’ before drawing his firearm and firing nine times.

Sanun added that after regaining his composure, he and others tried to assist the victim, but he had already died. Before leaving the scene, Kriengkrai told those present that he would turn himself in the next day, before riding off on his motorcycle.

Reports reveal that the village headman had been interrogated at the San Pa Tong Police Station for over two hours but refused to provide any statements to the media regarding the motive behind the shooting.

The headman’s lawyer, Chitsanupong Pukkamnuan disclosed that they would request bail in court. However, the court’s decision would depend on its discretion. He suggested that the motive might involve male pride but declined to reveal further details, stating that it was part of the ongoing investigation, reported KhaoSod.

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