Unidentified man attacks Thai political aide in Government House

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A dispute erupted at Government House during a Cabinet meeting today, December 12, when an unidentified man assaulted a Thai political aide.

The incident occurred around 11.35am at the APCD 60+ coffee shop, adjacent to the main government building where the Cabinet meeting was taking place.

The assailant, whose identity is known only as Itthipol, entered Government House without uttering a word and directly attacked a political aide. The aide is attached to Choochai Mungcharoenporn, a Surin province Member of Parliament from the Pheu Thai Party. The cause of the assault remains unknown.

Onlookers at the coffee shop quickly intervened and separated the two before the situation escalated further. The case was immediately reported to the local Dusit police station. The incident has raised concerns about security within the Government House, especially during high-level meetings.

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Further details about the incident and the assailant’s motive are yet to be disclosed. The police have initiated an investigation into the incident, and more details will be revealed as the situation unfolds.

The Pheu Thai Party, to which the assaulted aide belongs, is one of the major political parties in Thailand. It has a significant influence on the country’s political landscape, and any incident involving its members is closely watched, reported KhaoSod.

This incident, occurring inside the Government House, is expected to stir up political discussions in the coming days.

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