Traffic police uniform revamp addresses efficiency, nationwide rollout set for mid-September

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A new uniform for the traffic police is set to be rolled out nationally from September 15, with all 19,662 officers expected to be wearing the revised attire. Netizens queried the changes, claiming they could hardly discern any difference in the new design.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kittipraphat, Commissioner of Police, under the directives of Police Lieutenant General Prachuap Wongsuk, yesterday formed a task force to revise the uniform for police officers who serve in traffic. The task force, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Prachuap, Assistant Commissioner General of Police, collectively studied, analysed, specified design standards, and conducted a national survey among police officers, culminating in a proposed uniform.

Afterwards, the Traffic Police Chief approved the field uniform to be identical to the crime prevention line, using white thread to stitch on the insignia that matches the uniform’s colour and attaching it to the uniform with a thick Myrtle ribbon. It features traffic sleeve reflectors and can be used both for crime prevention and traffic work.

If a change in work line occurs, approval is also sought from the Comptroller General Department to withdraw money for cloth and tailoring costs for the field uniforms as well as insignia costs, as determined by the government for nationwide traffic police officers, 19,662 in total. Funds have then been transferred to the unit to expedite the procurement of uniforms, with a deadline set for wearing the uniform by September 15, simultaneously, reported Sanook.

The traffic line is vital in facilitating road traffic, assisting citizens on the roads, and carrying out Traffic Police policies in setting measures to reduce and prevent accidents in the area, among other assigned tasks.

Having a field uniform identical to the crime prevention line, nationwide, will facilitate smoother, safer, and more efficient work, and enable officers to fully serve the public. The current batch of traffic line field uniforms, introduced by the Traffic Police Chief, is the first field uniform for traffic police, uplifting the spirits of the traffic police officers.

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