Thailand’s major negotiation tool to be AI at World Economic Forum

Photo courtesy of The Nation

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is set to unleash Thailand’s secret weapon, artificial intelligence (AI), at the 54th World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

This year, the WEF is not just a meeting, it’s a battleground for global leaders navigating a world torn apart by geopolitics and AI advancements.

Thailand’s 12th year at the WEF is more critical than ever, with the 61 year old Thai prime minister seizing the opportunity to engage with international power players and lure investments into the Thai landscape. But what makes this WEF truly headline-worthy is the relentless march of AI, a game-changer in politics, economics, and our very way of life.

As the WEF tackles the theme of Rebuilding Trust in a world that’s lost its unity, AI takes centre stage, disrupting norms and demanding attention. The four main themes – politics, economics, AI, and the environment – form the battleground where leaders strive for cooperation, stability, growth, and a blueprint for tackling the global climate crisis.

Last year, the WEF kicked off the AI revolution with the AI Governance Summit. Now, AI as the driving force behind the economy and society is the hottest topic in Davos, dominating discussions from job skills to governance. As nations, including the European Union, scramble to draft AI regulations, it’s a global issue that can’t be brushed aside, reported The Nation.

Amidst the economic turmoil, the Thai government faces a dilemma – balancing economic recovery while addressing the AI challenge head-on. The latest WEF risk assessment report throws the gauntlet, identifying AI as a top-five global risk for the next two years. Surpassing even climate change, the report ranks misinformation and distortion of AI data as the second-highest risk.

In related news, PM Srettha is set to meet with several leading global private companies, confident that these interactions will attract further trade and investment from abroad. These meetings will take place during the World Economic Forum (WEF) of 2024 and are expected to significantly benefit the Thai economy.

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