Thailand uncovers human trafficking operation worth over 117 million baht

A year-long investigation into human trafficking led by Thailand’s National Police Office, under the command of Police Lieutenant General Torsak Sukwimon and Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn resulted in the arrest of a man from Bangladesh.

The suspect, 46 years old Asraf, has been involved in a clandestine human trafficking network, charging each individual between 100,000 and 150,000 baht. This illicit operation has generated over 117 million baht.

The suspect was arrested under the warrant of the Na Thawi District Court, dated December 14, 2023. He was charged with providing shelter and assistance to illegal immigrants, allowing them to evade arrest. Asraf was apprehended in front of the Pattani Provincial Court and was then handed over to the Khanom Police Station in Songkhla Province for legal proceedings.

A second individual, 47 year old Abu, a Bangladeshi national, was also apprehended under the warrant of the Narathiwat Provincial Court, dated December 28, 2023. Similarly, Abu was also charged with providing shelter and assistance to illegal immigrants. He was arrested in the vicinity of the Pattani Provincial Court and was later transferred to the Narathiwat Provincial Police Station for further legal proceedings.

The arrests were the result of a joint operation between Songkhla, Pattani, and Narathiwat Immigration Offices, along with the Ministry of Immigration’s Investigation Division. The operation began in January 2023, following the apprehension of 41 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh across five separate cases.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the illegal immigrants entered Thailand across natural borders from Cambodia, in the Sa Kaeo Province. Once in the country, they would travel to Bangkok to meet Abu, a relative of Asraf, who arranged transportation to the Thai individuals waiting in Songkhla Province. From there, the illegal immigrants would be guided across natural borders in Narathiwat Province to work illegally in Malaysia.

The investigation took nearly a year to complete, during which time authorities gathered enough evidence to request a warrant for Asraf’s arrest. The charges against him include providing shelter and assistance to illegal immigrants to help them evade arrest. With Asraf now in custody, further legal proceedings will continue.

As part of their ongoing effort to monitor and suppress illegal activities, the Immigration Office is encouraging the public to report any suspicions of criminal activity. Reports can be made to the Immigration Office or through their official website, reported KhaoSod.

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