Thailand to receive new LAAB Covid vaccine by end of the month

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Thailand today signed an agreement to receive its first batch of Long-Acting Antibody doses at the end of this month.

The Thai Deputy PM, and Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, signed an agreement with AstraZeneca Country President, James Teague, to receive 257,500 doses of LAAB for people who suffer from immunodeficiency, to reduce of risk of becoming gravely ill if infected with COVID-19.

Anutin said the new shot was needed because a number of vaccinated Thai residents are still at risk because are unable to generate antibodies properly. Some people can generate antibodies but the process is too slow, e.g., chronic renal failure patients, people under organ transplantation, and those who have to take immunosuppressive drugs.

Anutin added that Thailand loses one chronic renal failure patient every day to Covid. So, the Public Health Ministry imported the LAAB to help protect them. The antibody combination should reduce the risk of severe symptoms and death.

Anutin explained that the acquisition of the LAAB medication does not require any additional budget, because the new contract will amend the previous AstraZeneca vaccine procurement contract, replacing some of the vaccines to be supplied with LAAB medication.

LAAB is a long-acting antibody combination that includes 150 milligrams of Tixagemab and 150 milligrams of Cilgavimab. The combination has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and Thailand’s FDA on the condition that the medication must be used on people whose immune systems are compromised, are at least 12 years old, and weigh no less than 40 kilogrammes.

The antibody combination would be given every 6 months. According to the report, LAAB effectively reduces Covid infection by 83%.

SOURCE: Thai News Agency

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