Thailand and Palestine to join forces to free Thai hostages

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Thailand and Palestine promised to take their 12-year relationship to new heights with discussions on tourism and trade between Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-nukara and Walid Abu Ali, Ambassador of the State of Palestine.

Both sides conveyed their pleasure at the strong Thai-Palestinian relations that have flourished since August 1, 2012. With the Thai embassy in Amman, Jordan, assuming control of diplomatic affairs with Palestine, the Palestinian embassy in Malaysia extends its reach to encompass Thailand.

The highlight of this diplomatic waltz was the deep-rooted commitment Thailand exhibited towards the State of Palestine. The Thai foreign minister articulated Thailand’s unwavering dedication to fortifying cooperation, and ensuring the security and sustainability of Palestine, a commitment that has endured over four decades.

The Thai Ministry proudly highlighted its consistent financial support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) since 1978.

In a recent display of benevolence, Thailand responded promptly to UNRWA’s flash appeal by injecting a generous US$80,000 (2.8 million baht) to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This demonstration of solidarity underscores Thailand’s role as a stalwart supporter in the global arena, especially in crises.

However, the diplomatic tango was not devoid of a plea from the Thai side. Parnpree sought the Palestinian side’s assistance in securing the release of the remaining Thai hostages. In a reassuring response, the Palestinian ambassador pledged full support, enhancing the camaraderie between the two nations, reported Asia News Network.

This diplomatic spectacle has not only cemented Thailand’s official recognition of the State of Palestine since January 17, 2012, but it has also opened doors to potential collaborations that extend beyond political boundaries.

In related news, Parnpree acted as a representative of his nation on November 3 last year, donating 3 million baht to the United Nations to provide aid to Palestine refugees. This generous contribution is aimed at offering support during a tumultuous time in the Gaza Strip and expresses Thailand’s condolences for those who have lost their lives while on duty.

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